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Stroke Rehab 

Many discoveries have been made in recent years about the brain. One big discovery is that on “Neuroplasticity”

It is found that the brain has the capacity to change, re-organize and re-wire itself, in response to stimulation of learning and experience. This replaces the previous belief that the brain is a static organ and after a certain age, it is fixed and not able to change. With neuroplasticity, it means that with the right stimulation, training and exercise, a stroke patient’s nervous system can generate new connections and pathways, leading to better recovery even after many years of injury.

Therefore it is desirable that the brain re-wire the correct movement rather than a wrong pattern. Hiking of the hip is one such common example of a wrong movement that a stroke patient uses as a compensatory strategy for walking. This may be due in part to a foot drop or a weak hip muscle that is unable to lift the leg up and result in dragging the foot.

With this in mind, Kinesis deploy the help of some of the latest technologies to enable patients to train and walk in the right gait pattern. As most of the time, without the help of a machine, it is almost impossible for patients to repeat each time a movement in a correct pattern, in a consistent manner. We use technologies to our advantage to increase the chances of brain re-wiring.

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